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In conjunction with our consultancy services, we offer representation to major international engineering firms participating in oil and gas projects in the Middle East and broader region. Our aim is to guide our client’s business development efforts and enhance their connectivity in the region.
We offer a full range of options for our services from equity participation, lease and upgrade facilities, processing, and offtake agreements to a fee-based structure.
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By combining our knowledge and participation in the worldwide trade of crude oil and refined products with our technical expertise in oil and gas-related projects, we bring a unique perspective to our relations with our clients. Our emphasis on quality and performance of our obligations has given us an enviable standing in the industry. Our ambition is to build on this reputation for the continued growth and success of Gulf Interstate Oil.

GIOC acts as both technical and commercial consultants and advisors to several large international engineering and construction companies engaged in projects in the energy sector, such as grassroots refineries, expansion, and upgrading of existing refineries, LNG trains, storage facilities, and ocean terminals. GIOC has completed several feasibility studies for grassroots refineries and participated in the construction thereof. GIOC's active involvement in each project begins with the pre-qualification stage and continues throughout the project to final completion and covers all phases of the project, both technical and commercial.


As an independent company, GIOC is able to make an unbiased selection of the most appropriate technology and process know-how for proposed projects. In addition, our independence aids in attracting technically and financially qualified members for consortiums when needed.


As an independent company, GIOC is able to make an unbiased selection of the most appropriate technology and process know-how for proposed projects. In addition, our independence aids in attracting technically and financially qualified members for consortiums when needed.




We are actively involved in the provision of Commercial Advisory Services for the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments to National Oil Companies and Independent Oil Companies, including several global major players. These services include M&A advisory for the acquisition of mature crude oil production assets in the North Sea from a major oil company including developing the capital structure and fundraising for an $800m acquisition, advisory services for a leading investment company in the Middle East for negotiating a concession for a Gas Exploration and Production license in the Central Asian Republics with a projected budget of $5.8bn. We have also assisted an innovative start-up oil field services company that specializes in non-intrusive and environmentally friendly technologies for enhanced well production and cleaning of crude oil installations such as tanks and pipelines to develop and implement its global marketing strategy including establishing regional partnerships and distribution arrangements in Europe, North Africa, the Gulf countries and India and to secure its first major contract in 2020.


In the Petrochemical area we have provided commercial advisory services for the construction of a $150m greenfield manufacturing plant for Maleic Anhydride and are currently undertaking advisory services for the establishment of a large scale Methanol plant as well as setting up a major fertilizer production and export facility in the Arabian Gulf.


In the Mid-Stream segment, GIOC has provided M&A advisory services for several regional clients on the sell-side as well as for their acquisition of several large oil storage facilities in the Middle East region, the monetization strategy for a new IMO 2020 compliant refinery as well as for the development of a green field oil storage installation on the Red Sea.


Actively working with Iraq downstream agencies to upgrade Qayara and other refineries in Iraq.


Our team has extensive experience in trading and optimization of crude oil, condensate, LPG,  clean products, and atmospheric residual fuel oil with particular expertise in the Middle East and Africa.  We work actively with our clients to support their gasoline, gasoil, and fuel oil blending activities finding value by eliminating product give-away in the context of the forward curve for market prices.  While our main trade flow has originated in the in the Middle East, but we also actively source crude oil and petroleum products from Russia, Europe, and other areas. Our principal customers are in Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, India, Southwest Asia, and Africa.


Our trading philosophy is based upon establishing and maintaining stable, long-term relationships with principal oil producers and refiners. We have been very successful in achieving this objective and enjoy business relationships with almost all of the national oil companies in the Middle East. All our clients can be assured that we will maintain these excellent relations for both our and our clients' long-term benefit. For example, in 2020, we have worked closely with our partners to mitigate the market impact due to Coronavirus as much as possible.


Extensive trade and management pricing risk of Middle East atmospheric residual fuel oil with particular focus on Iraq and optimization with changes introduced by IMO.  In 2019 trade of atmospheric residual fuel reached over 600,000 mt per month.


Actively originated and traded Qayara Crude for Sonangol Iraq.  This is a new heavy crude stream produced in Iraq with production of 30,000 BPD and the potential to reach 300,000 BPD within the next 5-10 years.


Extensive gasoline and naphtha trading and blending experience including spot or term contracts with Aramco, ADNOC, OTI, Essar and Reliance. These trades included arbitrage of alkylate and F-grade from India into the US Gulf, supply into Kenya and Iraq.



GIOC are acting as advisors for several National Oil companies and Independent Distribution Companies on their organization structure, oil trading strategy, marketing, and risk management (Hedging) strategies, especially during the Coronavirus Crisis.


GIOC are actively advising a Global Integrated Oil Company on its regional Corporate Venture Capital Business covering the Middle East and North Africa regions, identifying and investing in new breakthrough technologies in the Advanced Mobility, Energy and Sustainability space. Our experience covers the acceleration, Venture Capital, and Mezzanine (Private Equity) finance segments. We are presently supporting our client with their capital raising strategy for an amount in excess of $100m and assisting several of their portfolio companies in establishing their regional marketing strategies in order to access lucrative oil and gas-related projects in the Gulf region.

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